Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Excited for Tomorrow's Appointment

I will be logging out as soon as I finish posting this entry right now because I need to rest. I really am exhausted now! Legs hurt,eyes are sore and butt are aching.

Also I want to rest early and prepare myself for an exciting news that my OB-Gyne is going to tell me about my gender's baby. That is going to be tomorrow...yes tomorrow is one of the most awaited part of my pregnancy.And with that being said,I can start buying stuff for the baby..Wewww.. goodluck for us,the couple!

Another thing before I totally go, I am glad that the day has ended with me had gotten all the 6 tasks in PPP.Thank you Lord for the tasks..I am making a little bit of money today.Hope all of the entries are going to be approved.

Goodnight everyone.Beauty rest na si mommy-to-be.


miss kurdapya said...

wow! congrats in advance! i feel you're too excitement to buy...must be a pink or blue? :) goodluck!

Merydith said...

Anne I know how you feel jud. Post unya dayon pag-uli ninyo ha. By the way, I went to Sarah's blog ug tua na sad didto ang Anne nagbisaya na tagala man to hahaha. I ban na jud ko nimo karon sa imong blog. Take Care buntit!

islahanon said...

hi anne,i know how ur feelin now!i can put myself on your shoes.I know how much the pain is.u can help with your leg cramps by gently massaging it upwards.sit on a cushion,don't slouch coz that triggers back're feeling too much weight on your bump bec you're sitting too much.that's why I've said you need to go for a walk for at least 10 mins and you can then increase it to 30mins whenever your ready.PPP is always there!dont spend too much time in the's all for your good.dili man tungod sa computer but becaue of your health.THank you manang.subaya ang sunod yugto dinhi sa "kini ang akong suliran"


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