Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome to PPP Analyn

Finally,your long wait pays off.I am glad you are now approved in PPP and starting your blogging opps on that site. Wish you luck in chasing will be then one of the many addicts to PPP.. can't get enough of the tasks so you wanted for more and more each day.

It is fun and full of excitement tiaw nya...naa jud taw ani nga d katulog kay cge thinking sa mga opps ba..tell me if ain't true?

1 comment:

NoVa said...

psstt... makiusyoso ra nimo...unsa manang PPP? wala ko earth ana eh...and i wanna try pud...asa man ko mag-adto??? tamadits nko pagsigeg explore uy..kaya gusto nko direct na dayon...hheheheh



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