Friday, September 28, 2007

blog Appreciation

I like it when someone is passing a nice appreciation blog to me coz that means they appreciate not only my blog but my whole being..whoaa hahah.... I thank you for this Dodong Jay kay you let me know that I bring smile to your face,meaning...clown diay ko nimo? Jowk!!

Passing this You Make Me Smile award to Tukmol3 Biglangdakma(haba ng name),Ivy,Annie,Janine and Hazel Igat kaau sa London!

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1 comment:

haze said...

wow another one na pud ni???Hain man di-ay tong usa akong nakit-an ganiha buntag Igat???

Thanks kaau ani nga pahalipay igat ha....happy trip ugma...regards ko ni papa morgan, hehehehe.


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