Friday, September 7, 2007

Romantic Bathing for Two

Gathering essential ingredients...
The two "can't do without" items you will need are, candles and some type of bubble bath. Scented candles are the best option. Try to find aphrodisiac type scents like jasmine, rose and lavender. When choosing your bubble bath, keep in mind the scents you've chosen for the candles and what type of effect you want to create. Do you want it to be a more refreshing interlude? If so, choose spa type bath treatments in rain or similar type scents. If a sensual bath is what you're after, choose stronger more robust scents similar to sandalwood, or try lavender or a rose scented bubble bath. For a fun romantic bath, use fruity scents like watermelon, peach or berry.

The next items are not "essential" but will help provide the ultimate bathing experience.

Start your bath off with a toast for two. Keep your wine or champagne chilled in a bucket nearby.

Help set the mood with romantic music.

Use a bath sponge or mit to wash each other.

Use extremely soft towels to dry each other off with when you're done.

Get a removable shower head.

Splurge on a really great shampoo and conditioner.

While you're bathing...
What you do while you're taking your bath together can mean more than the actual act itself! With this in mind, here a few ideas of romantic things you can do together. Each suggestion can be modified to be as sensual as you wish.

Start by taking turns washing each other's head. Make sure to deeply massage their head while doing this.

Take turns washing each other.

While you're washing each other, stop and place a few kisses here and there on your partner's body.

Be comfortable and confident with yourself. There is no wrong or right way to be sensual or romantic. Doing what comes naturally to you both is always the best experience.

Treat your partner as if they are royalty. Spoil them with indulgences. While you're washing them, gently give them a sensual massage. Anything you'd absolutely love to have done to you, do for them.

When you're done, rinse each other off with your removable shower head, or in a shower.

Take turns drying each other.

Complete the moment by having a plate of romantic finger foods and your glasses of wine or champagne ready. Then, in between feeding each other, blow dry and brush each other's hair.

If your romantic bath has taken place in the evening, end the night with a sensual massage or cuddling together in bed with a romantic movie.

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