Friday, September 14, 2007

Giza Acting Weird

Giza,our dog was acting weird last night. I did not realize she was weird,I only wonder why she have not eaten her food since I gave it to her yesterday morning.When hubby arrived home last night he noticed that his dog was acting weird and strange.

He gave her a chew stick,he call her but she didn't bother to come to him and get her chew stick.She usually go right straight to hubby when he's home for her chew stick but last night it was totally strange and unsual for her to do that.She just stare at my husband,drink some water and go back to where she was sleeping. When hubby walked a little bit to the drive way,he saw a big healthy poop which added to her weirdness. According to hubby,she never pooped in the driveway.She would go somewhere far beyond the backyard to poop,but last night? whoaa big poop... good thing is that it is far from my garden or else,I will be eating my veggies with a natural poop fertilizer hehehe.

Thanks goodness she is back to normal this morning.Weirdness is gone.We really thought she was sick last night and hoping that she'll still be alive in the morning. Our Giza is back to her own sanity now!!

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