Friday, September 28, 2007

Penn State Football

Express yourself through collecting photos.Putting it in a sports team that you most indulge.Shop for photo sports online like for example Penn State football.Support your college football.There are over 10,000 athletic and campus photo on sale.Do a quick search in finding a perfect school photo by looking for it on the main page of the website. Also see different products and services that they can offer you such as
• Framed Photography

• Unframed Photography

• Wall Murals

Pay attention to this to get to know who are these people behind the website:
Mission: Replay Photos' mission is two-fold: to organize the world of collegiate athletic and campus photography and make it accessible to those who love their schools, and to generate a new stream of royalty income that supports worthy causes for a university.

History: As a first step to fulfilling this mission, Replay Photos' founder, Sue Harnett, developed a novel approach to identifying and selling collegiate photography that took root in a small closet of photographs in Duke University's Cameron Indoor Stadium. Treasure chests of photos locked away in filing cabinets within the athletic department sparked Harnett with the idea to preserve these assets and create a destination to display and sell the images online. Partner schools would benefit by receiving defined proceeds from each sale that they could use in turn to support scholarships and university programs.

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