Friday, September 28, 2007

Can't believe It

My blogging day is just so so perfect.Weewww first time I see my name on the top 10 earner list of the day on PPP site. Makes me feel good.It feels good when you make over 80 or something a day,ain't it? I could say today is my lucky day hehe..thanks goodness Lord!

I am looking forward to grabbing some more though..if there's none then it's fine with me.I just have to continue doing my household chores aherrmmm..I also need to start packing because tomorrow we are going to travel down to San Antonio for a quick visit of my dear dear dad in-law!

1 comment:

haze said...

syempre kinsay dili happy ana sobra na gud na sa otsenta dolyares nuh, asa ka mamunit ana sa dalan intawn?? Good for you Igat...hapaw beh?


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