Monday, September 3, 2007

A Sweet Goodnight to Everyone

Goodnight now friends,I am now ready to sign off not completely but on yahoo because I feel the world is spinning round and round..therefore,I am dizzy wanting to ewwww throw up. I need to rest. Gonna quit facing the computer as for now because I think PPP got quiet again. I may have to visit there later when my husband arrives.

He just called me saying that he's gonna be late for an OT of one hour. Great,first day of work then he is stuck with paperwork. You all deserve to have a goodnight sleep I wish you can get one so you will be refreshed when you wake up tomorrow and ready to face a new day of your life.

Ciao amigos amigas mga hulmigas!!!! TSUUPPPSSS MUAHHHHHHHH


Midas said...

I always forgot to go to PPP.

I meant to, but something always come up.

Btw, I got your link on my list...that ok?

Carrie Smith said...

I just recieve a "blogging star" from Tammy at mom knows everthing and I am passing one on to you because I think you deserve it. great job on your blog.
come by my site and copy/paste this award to your blog


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