Thursday, September 20, 2007

What If?

Now that I am pregnant, what is next? I am waiting for the delivery of the baby of course but I have this fear in me that I cannot avoid asking myself with alot of "What Ifs?" what if I fail to take care of my baby,what if I'm not gonna be a good parent to her? so on and so forth.

Well,I have a supportive husband with me and I just hope that it's going to be smooth for both of us. However,this baby thingy is not new to me but still it's going to change everything in between us and everything that surrounds us. Wish me luck people because I need all your advice,support and most of all moral support from each of you out there who loves me and knows me. God,help I am far from my mother who is known to be always there to help with her kids.

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