Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pink Stuff

Since my baby is A GIRL,now I have to think of buying pink stuff and fill this house with pink gurlaloo baby stuff sooner. I am glad,thankful and happy knowing that it's gonna be a girl because she is easy to take care of and etc.

My baby is healthy with 156 beats per minute,which is very normal.Then I only gain 4 pounds in one month.1 pound each week whoaaa...I wonder why it is so hard for me to gain weight while others struggle to lose extra pounds in their body? Upon entering the waiting room today I was kinda shy because all the big mommies in there were looking at me,I know why..I look too small in their eyes.. plus the nurse ask me "where is your belly?" because it's only showing just a little bit of lump right my belly button.To think its turning 5 months in 5 days...

I just have to wait till 7 months where I become ballooning..that is what experienced mommies keep telling me,I don't show belly until the right time comes.Wink..wink..wink

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