Tuesday, September 25, 2007

FedEx Bastos

I much prefer the UPS service because when they deliver something to our house they would knock on our door and asked for our signature. Unlike FedEx,they just put the item in our front porch and leave it there. As if they leave something that are not valuable.Like for instance,one time they delivered the camera worth $400 bucks and laid it in our porch without making any noise so we will know that our package has arrived.

It happened many many times not just once.And today,though I saw the truck park outside,I went near to our front door and waited for him to knock.And then I heard the truck leaving..so upsetting huh..you know? though we are in a nice neighborhood and probably can trust the neighbors around us...but there are passers by on the road that could see the item in the porch. Could be mexican or blacks...they will get it without us knowing!! And lose the package.

I am so disappointed in you FEDEX. Bastos kaayo oi mura lang nagbutang ug tai dayon lakaw.

1 comment:

aryo said...

Ei! Thanks for the visit! Bisdak man diay ka.

Why don't you formally complain with Fedex? Basi dili man na siya official policy nga murag magbilin lang ug tai. :-)


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