Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Regret

I've no regret when I happen to wake up early and be on PPP asap I get out of bed as long as the day is as fortunate as this.Like this morning,when I got up I head to the computer right away and found there were already tons of gray opportunities,which is a whole lot better than not getting any at all.

Luckily,I grabbed one offer of 11 point something,there are higher payouts here that are gray and I am hopeful that I can get them later when they turn white in my dashboard.Yeppeyy really no regret today. Miracle for PPP because they are giving away higher opps.It is actually unusual for them to do such.Thanks goodness!!


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Congrats. Daming dollar na naman yan. He, he, *lol* Ang sipag mo talaga Byotipol. Baka sumobra kang yumaman habulin ka tuloy ng utang at nang IRS, wag naman. Thanks. Smile. Have a nice and byotipol day.

anaps said...

Hi there, thanks sa kind congratulations ha? I appreciate it. Cheers ah, ako rin I am happy seeing na at least may opps tayo doon sa PPP. Nice job we have here; online...LOL. Ok ah, regards.


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