Friday, September 21, 2007

Vision Bedding

Aha,gotcha. Since our 3rd year wedding anniversary is fast approaching I am starting to think what could be the possible present that I can give to my husband. I do not want to just buy ordinary things for him for he might not use it or perhaps just leave it in the corner of the house and let it rot.He is too picky that is why I am having a second thinking whether I give him something or not.

I am glad I found this website Bedding of Vision Bedding that makes quality and specialized stuff that would perfectly fit as gifts for special occasions such as anniversary. I found one that caught my attention,bedding designs that has cars on it since my lalabs are into sports car very much. Now,I feel relieved because I found this. Thanks vision bedding!

I also found a design o war tank or whatsoever..that fits his interest as well,the military design.See samples below

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