Thursday, September 20, 2007

Romantic Gestures Anyone Can Do

  • Romance is more than flowers and a card on Valentine's Day. It is the simple, everyday things you do to make your partner feel loved. Below are ten easy ways to spark your romantic fire -- anytime you desire. You won't need to spend a penny completing these ideas or take precious time planning them out. In short, they are simple ways to show your affection that truly anyone can do, whenever they feel like it!

    Leave messages of love and lust around for your partner to find.

    Have a candlelit bath awaiting when your partner gets home from a busy day.

    Slow dance to your favorite song, just because.

    Sneak up and give your partner an unexpected hug and kiss.

    Whisk your partner away for an impromptu picnic or to watch the sunset.

    Make eye contact across a crowed room and mouth the words, "I love you."

    Surprise your partner by doing something unexpected like cleaning the house.

    Share a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while watching the night sky.

    Cuddle up in front of the fire and talk about your lives together.

    Make a surprise candlelight dinner for your partner.


Carrie Smith said...

Thanks for your ideas, with having four children around the house we often forget about each other, this just reminds me to take the time for him even if it's a surprise hug and kiss.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Galing galing Byotipol. Napakaromantic mo pala, he, he. Swerte talaga si mister. Sabagay dapat talagang paghahandaan palagi ng esmi ang pagdating ni mister at palaging mabango siya at bagong paligo para palaging nanduon ang pagnanasa ni mister, he, he ,he. Eh di katakot takot na daaakmaan na, he, he, he *lol* Sori napagtripan lang kita. Tenx nga pala sa palagi mong pagdalaw sa blog kong Tukmol3. He, he, he, masaya ako pag nadadalaw ako ng mga frends ko. Cge bye na muna and have a nice and happy day. God bless you more.

Walang kagalanggalang,
Tukmol Biglangdakma


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