Monday, September 24, 2007

Easy Monday

Easy Monday morning we had. We arrived to the dentist's clinic on time and not long we were seated I was called inside so they can check up my pockets that they were putting antibiotic on to them 3 months ago. The dentist need to recheck the upper left back of my gum because it was bleeding so bad..still not totally healed,aside than that no more infections in my gum.I think I did so well in flossing my teeth except the bleeding part which I work hard to heal it.

All in all,our trip to their office was so easy and smooth.We did not stay there long.Unlike when we have my OB visit,it is always a pain in the ass for both of us because it usually takes 2 hours or more before we can get out of the clinic..stupid matter what day it is.They say Monday and Friday are usually busy and we tried to avoid that..last visit was Thursday..same thing..took us 2 hours and we walked out from them..bleehhh

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