Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Got A Job to do

I guess I do have a serious job tomorrow. We just got back our other CPU from the technician.He says that we need to move our tons of pictures to a secure little chip so we won't lose them. If he were to work on our very infected computer so it's better to do it than losing all of them.

Its a big job for me to be doing it because we don't only have hundreds in there..but I think over a thousand of photos that need to be selected one by one and make sure I am not saving any viruses also.If that is the case then I should think of a better more faster way of moving our pics.

For now,I am logging out.Its late and time for watching a movie with lalabs. Ciao everyone.Please keep coming back here. You are always welcome to my house.



Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Bakit na virus ba yung pc mo? He, he, painumin mo na lang ng paracetamol. *lol* Ingatan mo ung mga pix mo. Sayang lahat yun. Thanks and babayu. God bless and sleep soundly.

LAWSTUDE said...

uhmm. tnx for droppin' by my blog and thnk u more for welcoming me to ur nice blog. you are also invited to visit mine anytime. take care.


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