Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sungog Sa Kapalaran

Why do its always this way? Been waiting too long for the opportunities to come out and when they do, manungog pud ang kapalaran. First big opp,I missed is 10 bucks,the pc went slow..I forgive it. Waited another couple minutes another 10 came out,still I missed it coz I was busy doing pc was acting I shut down..

It took a decade before I can open the PPP page. Then,here it goes I missed another higher opp which is 20 bucks argsss... it hurts too much. I did somehow get atleast 5 opps tonight but argss grrr only 5 bucks each..nag antos tag 100 or 200 words..unlike higher offer opps require only 50 words each.

Manungog..sumpa ug sungog sa kapalaran unsa ba!

Ay duh uroy goodnight computer..goodnight PPP.I am signing off now!

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