Friday, September 21, 2007

Poor Meal

I choose to eat such a very simple poor meal to make even with my family in the Philippines. I do not know what they are eating at this moment in their breakfast,probably just a few pieces of dried fish,or tinuwa..I don't know.

Here is what I had this morning,sardines fresh from the can,2 pcs.of bacon and a scorched lumpia.I prefer my lumpia to be burned because that is so crunchy to bite and of course my grits. None sense talks for brain is completely empty,not feeling of doing anything for now...

1 comment:

Rolando said...

Yum lumpia. I haven't had it in awhile. We have a Goldie Locks here, but it's just ok.

We recently found a place that makes excellent Halo Halo. We'll be back there for sure.


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