Monday, September 10, 2007

2 Sites I am Crazy About

First website that I am so into is the, it is a lot of fun there,excitement,thrill and most of all it gives me some amount of money.Not only its fun but also time consuming because you have to sit your butt in the computer if you really want to get the opportunities available for you...sometimes boring, got zero in one day..other times,slow,quite and suddenly get alive.

The second site is ebay. I am finding alot of good stuff there whether used or new with tag. From electronics,baby,accessories,ladies',men you name it all.You can find it on ebay. I am crazy about looking for good deal baby clothes for my incoming little angel.

These are just two of my loved sites.If you don't see me on yahoo that only means I am on PPP or ebay.. or worse,no power or pc is broken.

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