Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Feel Tired Early Morning

Yes,I feel weak and tired right now. I've been up for an hour now doing my same usual routine,the computer thing. I got up still very sleepy forcing my self to be on the computer hoping that I could get some opps..not too bad though coz I got 2 tasks done already.

A pay off of 5 and 6 bucks so far. This is good enough for now..wishing as times fly today,PPP will throw us many many opportunities to do. I plan of doing some walking later when hubby wakes up so he will know where I am at.

Feels good to have some sun on your skin sometime.Because I can only get out of the house once in a blue moon..mao mura na ihas intawn gamay sa init..also ,the weather and temp are just fine so I would rather take a walk...

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