Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quick Bacon Tip

Each time I visit my friend's house ,I learn something from her. Like the last time I visited her,she was preparing breakfast for her husband I was kind of wondering why in the world she put the bacon strips in the microwave because it was my first time to see such.

All I know is that bacon should be cooked in the stove top. I ask her and she told me that it's her way to avoid making a mess on the stove plus there's nothing else to wash after the bacon is cooked except throw away the paper towel.
Here's how she do it, just wrap or cover the bacon with a paper towel so the oil won't spill anywhere once it is heated. Microwave it for approximately 7 minutes or more depending on your preference! Then VOILA!!! You can have a very crispy bacon in just a short range of minutes!!

Try it,really works good! Yum yum and no more washing of pans afterwards.

1 comment:

Darlene said...

Wow ha wala man ko kabalo ana tricks sad na da aron dili messy gyud tuod.Anyway anne salamat diay kay giganahan ka sa akong new layout ako pod nahan kaayo ko kay limpyo then elegante kaayo tan awon hehehehe


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