Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm so Darn Tired

So so so very tired now..I'm crazy keep complaining here and yet I choose to stay in the computer. My legs cramp,ass hurt,baby kicking alot,maybe she's wanting me to get out of here now!!!

The only reason? PPP is holding me back.I can't leave soon because I still want to do some tasks.Got only 4 today,I kept waiting hoping that they gonna give us some more but no more..sinaw pas upaw gi atot..this is what I get everyday.. stress and body pains.. Ah the reason why its so slow today is because of the continuation of 1K Tuesday,they are giving out $50 offer that may be is the cause of quiet Wednesday.

Kinsang sala? nganu nganu? nagluib ka? kanta nalang ko oi para mawala ka kapoy.

1 comment:

Hoosier said...

I hope you can get some peace today from the kicking and sore back-side!


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