Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lord,I Thank You

For the blessings we receive everyday. For the air we breath,for the food we eat, for the water to drink.The life that you continue giving us everyday. I feel so blessed to have you in my life Oh Lord! You never leave me in times of trouble or when I am happy. When I call your name,You are always there for me hearing my sorrows and prayers.

Oh how happy I am to wake up each morning hearing bird's singing,sun shining so brightly telling me that I have a wonderful brand new life! Telling me that I should be thankful I am still alive. It is all because of you Lord.

And most of all,it is right to give thanks to You for keeping us safe by day and night. No matter how cruel the weather could be, you still keep us away from harm and free from danger especially my husband when he's out for work. He is out there trying to protect his fellowmen. Catching bad guys that do evil deeds. Thank you so much for the Policemen,they are fallen angels sent by You to help protect your people on Earth. Bless them and you continue giving them the strength and courage to be loyal to you and never give up their career as our protector against bad people.

Thank you also for the friends I have,for keeping my family safe in the Philippines and most of all I pray to you that there will be world peace. May terrorism and war stop and let your people start showing love with each other.

These I ask through Christ our Lord,Amen.

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