Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Flea in Our Bedroom

I hate it when I get bitten by a flea because it is too itchy and the bite could become big,red and swollen.I don't have any clue why fleas love my blood while hubby doesn't have any problem with it.He doesn't get a bite ever.

Last night as I was getting ready to lay down I reach for my vicks and suddenly felt something itchy in my right foot.Whoaaa I checked it and there it was a flea.I can't believe what I saw,they usually stay in the kitchen where I stand to wash the dishes but being in the bedroom is just crazy.

This only means that I really need to do some serious vacuuming there now since it has been many many months since I did it in our bedroom. Whoa I don't like it,pretty tiring and I get too worn out after the vacuum to add the idea of being preggy,I easily get tired nowadays...brrrrrr

Anyways,I must do it before winter time or else its going to take long for me to do the tiring job.

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