Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kiss 'n Snap


Spend the day getting to know each other and your lips better! Choose 9 or more scenic places you'd love to kiss your partner. Get a camera and a friend. Then, visit each place you want to kiss at. When you get there, have your friend take pictures of you and your partner kissing each other. Have your pictures developed and create either a memory photo album or have the pictures framed as a kissing collage.

Additional Romantic Touches:

Make it a double date with friends and take turns taking pictures of each other.

Bring along a picnic lunch to share with your partner when you're done!

Create a love journal. Paste each picture to a single page in a blank journal. Underneath each picture write a reason why you love your partner or share a special poem or quote.

If you're in a long distance relationship, take pictures of you blowing kisses to your partner and make the love journal idea above.

Make this an ongoing tradition. Every time you visit a new place or go somewhere new, make sure to get a picture of you both kissing. Add each entry to memory photo album and soon you'll have a very romantic keepsake.

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