Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yehheey I got my Boundary

As if I am driving something and need to get my boundary inorder for me to remit my "kita" to my husband and be able to pay the rent of the tricycle that I am driving hehehe..In my case it is different but the concept is just almost as same as driving a tricycle in the Philippines.

I have this qouta each day in PPP minimum of 6 posts each day since I have submitted 3 blogs in their site,2 allowable posts each blog..and yes..I thought the night tonight is going to end without me completing my tasks. I am so happy that eventhough I did not get the 12 dollar offer but I am content and happy of my job 'coz I got to grab the $10 one woww yeyyy..hehe

I tried grabbing the 7th task in there tonight and I feel relieve when PPP give me this message "You have reached the maximum posts for today" happy about I am done with PPP.. finally my long hours of sitting here paid off!

Now,I gotta go shower and relax for a while. Thinking of grabbing opps no more!!!! So happy I am. I probably do blog hopping later when I am expect me at your respective houses guys! I will be there tonight!!!

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