Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Darn I missed It

I keep going back and forth to the tv room and to the study room since last night 'till this morning because hubby called me last night to watch for the news in any channel for they might appear on t.v. I did it,I found nothing or did I miss it?

Then hubby just sent me a text message few minutes ago that his buddy,a fellow police officer..his partner at work saw themselves on Fox 4 news at 10 pm last night dealing with a suicide in Fort Worth,whose victim's wife was shot 3 times,and then later on the husband(suspect) shot himself too. How could I missed it if I watched the news closely?

It isn't new to hubby being published on the news or in a local newspaper because policemen are always the leading man when there are crimes happening in the neighborhood anywhere...I am just curious how hubby looks like when on t.v hehehe..I wonder if he looks good in there? lol..silly me!!!

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