Monday, August 13, 2007

The Most Things in Me

Darlene pass this tag on to me. Now I am giving this to Annie


You have accomplished:Being a loving wifey

Disappointment: I can't be there with my lil siblings to give a sack of ripe mangoes everytime they want it.

Where you spend your time on:Chasing opps on PPP,watching movies with my Lalabs

You have neglected:Dusting and watering my plants

You have collected:Shoes,Clothes,Purses

Item you take care of:Digital camera wedding and engagement rings and of course my marriage

Moment you were happy:When hubby proposed marriage to me and my wedding day oh the first time I put my feet in the land of America

Angry you've been:When other people can't mind their own business.

You have cried:When my father talked unpleasant things about my hubby on the phone

Pain you've experienced: broke my heart 3 times before I met my Sandy and poking my palm with a knife tonight ouch!

You have been teased about: About me looking like 14 years old and too young for my hubby because of my body structure

Prettiest time you've felt:During my wedding day

Ugliest time you've felt:Me not showered

You've been loved by: My dear dear husband

You love:My Family,my Hubby and nice friends

Word you used:lol and gnyt

Item you've used:Computer

Food you made: Tangkong apan apan

Amount you have spend in one time:over a hundred bucks

You have spend on:Macy's on clothes

You have screamed:When i get furious & hurting

Game you have played:none too busy for PPP


Annie said...

Salamat day! heheheh makayabag gyud PPP dah wah ko dahum mo pilit diay ako lubot diri para lang sa PPP hahahaha

dodong flores said...

Hi, just dropping by!

It's good to know a few things about you...


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