Thursday, August 30, 2007

Looks like we Have New Neighbors

Looks like we have a new neighbor moving in across the street.It is good though so this block where we live is not that quite lonely now because most of the houses in this block are for lease or for sale. In fact,the one that is just right next to us is very vacant. It's been empty for I think half a year now since those drug addict leasers moved out. We were thankful they finally looked for their own place to screw because this neighborhood is too nice for them to be screwing up.

They are not just nice and considerate to their neighbors,always creating loud noises especially the loud truck running in the middle of your sleep.Pissed us off! I am pretty sure alot of the neighbors were happy when they finally disappeared because we can now have a deep sleep at night without bothering us.

I am wishing though that these new ones who just moved in are decent people and would do their thing and do not disturb us! Ay thank you bow!

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