Friday, August 24, 2007

Look what I've Got?

I almost missed the very precious package that I have waited for a week because by the time it was first delivered here in our house last Saturday,we already left to San Antonio and the mail man came a little bit later so he just brought back the package with him back to the post office. He just left a note instead, informing us that he was there but no one will receive the package.

And by the next working day,which was Monday,still we missed it for we have not gotten back from there and so then again second note was dropped in our mailbox. I was quite worried about it because I don't want to lose the precious package for I really requested it from Mama. The following day I told my husband to just pick it up at the post office if he has time while on duty but sad to say he wasn't able to get it because he went there too early.Finally, yesterday,he got it and he brought it home last night.I was so excited getting the package from him and went big-eyed upon seeing the delivery cost... wowwwww 1,595 worth in pesos.
And the second picture is what I have got...WOW DRIED FISH.. I so long to have tasted our own dried fish again! It is very expensive but just an ordinary buwad. Ka "DOLLAR" ba ani oi...when we say dollar in our dialect means "extremely expensive" hoho...

This buwad here makes me not wanna eat it thinking that it cost so much to have it delivered here. I sure promise not to waste any part of it,even the bones or scales if possible,I eat it all..hehehe


Darlene said...

Tell me about it!I also told my mom once to send me buwad package & it cost the same money you just have read in your package.So i told my mom not to send no more package for it was very expensive.We have filipino store here anyway where can buy buwad or tinapa if i want to.It's expensive as well compared to our orig price in pinas but it's a lot better price rather than let our parents send package for not very wise idea.
Anyway,Enjoy your buwad,the first should be mine lol!Happy weekend buntit!

Midas said...

Lami ba ana tan-awon. Kanus-a man na nimo lotoon? I can almost smell it from Dallas. :)

Laura said...

Your fish looks tasty! I love eating all fish and seafood. :)

I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment.

I love the design of your blog! I said the same thing in my reply. hehe

J@n!ce said...

So nice to be able to have food air flown over by mummy. I bet you missed those dried fish badly. Enjoy.... :)

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