Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Excellent Couple News

Celebrity romances continue to crash and ---burn but in the world of real people's relationships,it's all good.

One in six online daters has gotten married to or had a long-term relationship with someone he or she met on the internet.

83% of people currently in a relationship say they would never break up with their partner.

59% of (oh-so-evolved) men say similar interests,physical appearance, are what drew them to their partner.

88% of men are open to dating a much older woman.

Seven percent of marriages in US today (4 million) are interracial or interethnic,compared with less than 2 percent in 1970.

67% of American women over 40 say they're satisfied with their sex life. (Only 41 percent of women in sultry Brazil and 36 percent in romantic Italy are). The best is yet to come.

70% of women say their partner knows what to do to turn them on.

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