Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lazy Flossing

The doctor recommends everyday flossing.I was good at it when I just started flossing but as days passed by, I got lazy because it is very time consuming..imagine you have to go each gap of your teeth to floss? It has been 2 days passed and I did not floss my teeth because I kept forgetting it. Tonight,I really took my time doing my assignment,I found out that my gums are bleeding again..argghhh what I'm gonna tell to the dentist on my next visit?

He asked me last time if I still floss my teeth and I just chuckled. I was so guilty for not doing it everyday..damn so tired..who cares? this is all new to me because people in the Philippines don't bother to floss their teeth,they don't even know what the word floss means.

I know I know,this is for my own good to promote good dental health and for the baby. I am just having so many complains about it. Though I do water pick but hubby told me it isn't enough!!

1 comment:

batang buotan said...

some simple thing are too cumbersome..hehe.. im lazy doing simple things like that even if its for my own good. but this post reminds me to do all what i need to do


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