Saturday, August 25, 2007

My husband is so nice and very Understanding

My husband is really very nice to me because we were watching a movie titled "Snakes in the Plane" it was in the midst of thrilling moment when I get back to the computer 'coz opps in PPP are still coming out and he told me "now you go back"..good thing I did not shut down the pc right away for I am doing the defragmentation of the memory. Quickly log back in to ppp site and there it was... I missed another 7 bucks offer..already gray..I am somehow hopeful though that it will turn white again as well as the other 8.50 bucks I missed earlier so I can grab them..

Here I am, keep clicking the refresh button of the mouse waiting for the hawk to turn as a blogger never easy. Almost midnight here eyes are still wide awake...

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