Saturday, August 11, 2007

Don't feel Like going to the Party

Sandy and I are invited to attend the Enchilada Party hosted by our common friends Jimmy and Christa tonight at 7. The problem is, I don't feel like going there unless I have some filipino friends around there but there's none I know. This is going to be a Spanish and American party for sure. What should I do? I told my husband if he can just leave me here because he wants to go. No,he said because I am a part of him naksss....

I hope we won't stay there long because I really want to go to the Asian Market today and the store is gonna be closing at 9 pm. I missed filipino foods you know? Also , I am almost out of Hipon. I missed cooking sardinas with itlog for breakfast pud oi... or paliya ginisal with itlog haay kalami... not forgetting saging balbangaan dip in very dark una sa ginamos..asa ka ngita ana?

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