Friday, August 10, 2007

My Fish

My fish is nothing special. Just a whole tilapia at Wal-Mart fried in olive oil. I try to eat lots of fish and carbo because I am not gaining pounds at all. I wonder why because I have been eating alot since I got pregnant. In my OB's visit today I found out that I still weigh the same of 89.1...sounds abnormal,right? The doctor says I should eat less fruits more on putting calories for my baby.

From now on,I promise to eat more. Unlike many usual pregnant women they've shown they are making progress now.I mean they gained weight. I like to share a pic of my fish because I have nothing to do nor tasks to post. Here it is. I am not even halfway of eating it because it's too huge and I don't like the smell this time. Smells like a mud grrrr.

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1 comment:

haze said...

mudako ra man ka ana gradually gats....Tan-awa by next or so mukalit ra ka ug this time busy paka building up sa sulod para sa baby so dili pa kaau ka mo gain weight ana....pero kanag lawas nimo nga thin jud...basin moha ra baby mudako ikaw dili hehehehe...murag jack in jill lol...nindot na kay inig panganak slim ka diretso hehehehehe.....Lisod man ka patubo-on jud....inom ug dextrose kay patambok hehehe

happy weekend diha uy


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