Monday, August 13, 2007

One More Task

Just one more task left for me to do and I am done with PPP. It has been like this since Friday night. Long wait,sitting in my computer chair waiting for opps that did not come. Or if there were any I couldn't grab it because I was not in my pc or taking a nap. I decided to just grab the 5 offer opps rather than sitting taking nothing at all.

As soon as I am done here,I will do straight to my chores,they have been neglected from me because PPP is always a priority. I sacrifice myself for not being able to get a nap during the afternoon just because of blogging. Haaay when am I gonna get rich so I can let my husband stop working dangerously..WIsh sa pobreng alindahaw

1 comment:

Airwind said...

ei ... tnx for the hop.... hopping back at yah ... wehehe .... neat blog you got here .... you might see me again here. care to exchange link?


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