Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pool Saturday night with the Men

I love playing pool on yahoo with friends. Much more I like it in reality because it is more fun,though difficult at times because I am just a beginner but having 2 teachers during the game can be worth trying. I had my father in-law and husband taught me how to hold the cue properly and many things about pool. We had fun playing it for 2 nights,Saturday and Sunday in AFV during our visit to our dear Pops in San Antonio. Now it makes me wish having a pool table of our own so I can invite my friends over and enjoy the game.

Photos attached are some of the captured moments that is worth keeping.


Annie said...

Enjoy gyud diay ka day da... murag mas sayon gyud pool sa computer da kaysa naa table... sabagay kas a rasad ka testing sa una nilagpot ang bola hahhahaha... well karon ra sad ko nalingaw anang pool online sa inyo duha ni ate Rose hehehehe

Midas said...

I like playing pool. My cousin has a table, and it's loads of fun.

I was thinking of getting one, but then, I have four little boys, and I am worried that they might use the balls and the cue to have sword fight and mock-snow balls fights. They're very imaginative, and well, I don't think pool table is smart idea until my youngest is at least 7.


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