Monday, August 27, 2007

What A Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful morning I have today to be thankful to the Lord for another new day of my life. I wake up feeling alright, no illness and alive. Praise to you Lord! Eventhough I am kind of pissed on youtube because it is so slow and it takes forever to upload a video but still I am thankful for the day.

When I checked my posts on PPP I found out I have to declined posts including the one that I am struggling so much but still couldn't make it right so I just let it wait for me for few days. The 15 dollar offer that requires a video was declined. So now I have to reupload the video I had because I deleted it from you tube. Gosh it takes almost an hour to do it... sorta pissed here... I am somehow thankful though because when I was uploading a video PPP was still sleeping..

Happy Monday everyone.It is the start of the whole week of working today.

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