Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Top 10 Romantic Food

What is your favorite romantic food?

1. PastaFavorite Way Prepared:Spaghetti, because of Lady and the Tramp!

2. StrawberriesFavorite Ways Prepared:-With Whipped Cream-Dipped or Covered in Chocolate-Above Combined-With Champagne

3. Chocolate

4. FishFavorites: Oysters, Crab, ShrimpAny kind you can eat with your fingers!

5. FruitFavorite Ways Prepared:Fruit Cocktail or Fruit Salad

6. Ice Cream

7. Pizza

8. Chinese Take-Out

9. Indian FoodBecause it's Hot & Spicy :)

10. Chocolate Mousse


Petula Wright said...

I think my favorite romantic food is strawberries with wine!

Vicki said...

bali pod ning mga lamia tanan uy....way dili lami ani....hmhmhmhm

thanks, tagai nya ko ha?


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