Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Ok granted PPP is giving its bloggers a really big break for they are giving away 10/$50 started this noontime until tomorrow same time. I know it is true and I believe them that. As a matter of fact,there were already 4 $50's went out. Unfortunately,I wasn't able to grab any of them might be because I am too slow or the pc hang up. Ah there's one instance just a few minutes ago that Best Advice offer came out,it was still white but then when I entered the code,I used comma instead of separating the two words with a space. I am so stupid for not following the instruction.As a result I end up holding my breath hoping that it would go through.. Guess,that opp wasn't really meant for me because I did not get it.

I learn my lesson now so next time I take an opp I will be careful and make sure the code is right before clicking the reserve opp button. The has ended with only 3 opps grabbed. Lots of things are waiting to be done. Accomplished none so far! Whattah life being a blogger. It ain't easy dude!

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