Thursday, August 9, 2007

Welcome and Goodluck to PPP Ives

I would like to announce the good news that my friend Ivy has got today. She finally got approved on PPP after so many times of trying to register her blog on PPP. Now you will be one of us chasing opps after opps Ives. This could drive you crazy, challenged at times and most of all excited at the same time.

WELCOME AND GOOD LUCK ON GRABBING YOUR OPPS!!! You just don't know how happy I am to know that. Your happiness is my happiness too! Cheers! Syaro ha wala tay pakal diha rong gabii sa inyoha? lol

1 comment:

aesia said...

oi ka twit sa akong mega oi, touch gyud ko kaayo ba, kahilak sad ta ug sangot do. hikhik. niways thank you so much ha, ikaw ug si janine always gyud ga incourage nako not to give up. di awa ron finally nag start na pud ko grab ug opp wahehehe.


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