Monday, August 13, 2007

Life Coach

We all need somebody to guide us on whatever endeavor we are going to take in our lives whether it is for financial matters,family,life career or parenting with children. I just started a family and is in battle of saving for I am an expectant mother next year so I life coaching can be very helpful to me as well as other families out there. Good news because I have given this opportunity of Clay Nelson and oh not forgetting to mention I received his 2 cds the other day I may have to listen to them sometime soon to learn from it. I am lucky huh because I got them for free.

Clay Nelson have helped thousands of people coaching their lives and business for greater success and happiness. You too can be one of the live testimonials of Clay Nelson foundation. Click on the link to study and learn about what this foundation do to help you especially if you are in distress and in great sufferings in life right now. The link would be life coach to listen to its audio on CD. New Audio CD Series Provides Business and Life Planning Tools in Easy-to-use Format.
The new Getting Started Series CD set takes the life planning tools developed by business and life coach Clay S. Nelson--used by thousands of his workshop participants nationwide--and packages them in an easy to understand, self-paced audio CD format.

Clay presents his life balance ideas and tools nationwide to eager participants at workshops and conventions of all sizes, as well as to listeners of his weekly KZSB AM 1290 Santa Barbara News-Press radio station talk show.
For more information on the Getting Started Series audio CD set, and Clay Nelson Life Balance products and services, please visit the link provided.

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