Thursday, August 23, 2007


Who do not like sweets after eating your main dish? I wanna share the ever enticing sweet I have ever tried. This is next to cheesecake for me because it's so yummy make your saliva drip. It is available at Chili's,if you guys wanna try it..just order this hmm Paradise Pie. I forgot the whole name of this one. But you will know it once you see their menu for they have a pic of it.

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Nita said...

Wow, love this one. Naglalaway tuloy ako dito LOL.

Have a great day!

grace_of_angels88 said...

Ako jud tanan tumong dri mangumpanya sa inyung boto sa Filipino BLog of the week. pero murag dli jud ko maka type daun ug tuman-aw aning lami kaayu nga desert. hehehe unsaon nlng..

Gi copy+paste rani nko dri dapita:

Hello Maayung buntag nimo dri. Ni anhe ko kay nangumpanya ko sa inyung boto sa Filipino Blog of the week. GraceArreza sa salamat daan heheheh

carey said...

wow so yummmmmmy! *tulo laway* hehehehe....

thanks for dropping by sa akong payag! :)


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