Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pisses me Off

I am if I want to surrender blogging now. It just pisses me off. First,at PPP I was not able to grab any of the 50 offers..then I did my tasks from blogsvertise which I don't like because same as usual I would only waste my time doing their opps because they gonna reject or deny it. Yes,I was right,I just submitted my 2 entries there and here they are. I got a notification mail that my entries are rejected..grrrr makalagot tabaghak. Bahala sila I don't want to redo it anymore.I am tired of them.

Got so many things in my mind going on right now.Can't finish atleast one of them. Confused mind is what I have that is not good.I also do need to blog hopping to maintain my score but I am really really tired. Grrr I am so pissed off. Plus this bravejournal thing is about to run out of space for more entries..what I'm gonna do? does anyone having the same dilemma as me? tell me guys...

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