Friday, August 10, 2007

What Makes Your Partner Feel Romantic?

Romantic Ingredients :

Candles (Candlelight)



Wearing Sexy Clothes

Love Letters

Soft Music


Satin Sheets


Smell of Fresh Roses

Romantic Settings:


Rainy Day

Beach At Night

Romantic Bubble Bath

Dancing by Candlelight

Candlelit Dinner

Moonlit walks on the beach.

Picnic Dinner.

Express your love without holding back!

Romantic Acts:

Give your love a surprise.

Do something to make your partner feel special.

Walking in the mountains at sunset.

Say I love you.

Kiss your love.

Give your love a backrub.

Just being with your love.

Take a bath together.

Go stargazing.

Call just to say I love you.

Pamper your love.

Hold hands.

Do something romantic for your love.

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