Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My lower back is aching..help me! I am not done with my tasks in PPP. Been sitting here for hours waiting for opps..they have been so quiet since I started logging on to their site..and whoaa opps start to come very late already. How can I survive if this is gonna happen everyday?

Hohohoo PPP please don't make it too hard for me..I am pregnant and I don't find time to take care of myself or take a quick walk outside. I am hungry..don't know what to eat,no time for cooking..no mother to prepare food for me..no nothing...no money..no honey!!! hoho

1 comment:

Ylan said...

Hello Byotipol!
thanks sa pag agi sa akong blog...
member pud diay ka sa bisdak? unsa imong name sa bisdak? kay i add tikaw sa akong links :)


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