Thursday, August 2, 2007

just one for now

I think I am so damn slow like a turtle.PPP has posted 5 available opps for blogspot bloggers but then I only got one. It was past 10 when opps started to come out good timing that my pc slowed down and had to restart it. When it was ready to use there were 4 already gray,one is 15 and other is 8.50...grrr I was kind of teeth-grinding because I missed the bigger bucks.

Few minutes later, 15 offer turned yellow and tried clicking on it but grrr too late..too slow again. What i'm gonna pc is tired of my face. I may have to try again later this afternoon though if they still give me some opps..

I just hope so coz it's been few days now since I have been so patient with them.Ayaw lang intawn hutda akong pasensya kay na maghikog ko jowk!


Anonymous said...

hahahah day ako pud parehas ta... kay ako nanghinlo ug kuri kuri. karon pa ko balik ngeek di na ko pwed hehehehe wala na para sa ako hahahahah... oist nag dung ag ko ug saging na hilaw kaon baka ana? hehehe ali kaon ta

Annie said...

oist ako na nabuing na click man naku dayon hhehehe


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