Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adventure to Sea World,San Antonio

At long last,my wish of experiencing the adventure of riding "Journey to Atlantis" finally came true when we visited to San Antonio last weekend. Hubby took 2 days off from work Monday and Tuesday(we actually drove there last Saturday and stayed till Monday) to visit his father there.We had ample time to roam around so we talked about going to riverwalk or Sea World. Upon hearing the words Sea World,I did not hesitate to open up that I really am dying to go there.It's been my wish since the beginning of summer.

I was lucky because my father-in-law did not insist instead he agreed with me. Hubby couldn't do anything bleehh but drive us there. We had alot of fun. I enjoyed the Shamu show of 6 "killer whales"that looking so pretty in their skin.I fed the dolphins,we went to shark/coral reef and tried to get splashed in the Journey to Atlantis. Also I was happy to see tons of people everywhere. What I didn't like about the place is that its too costly for the entrance alone cost as 56.99 each,it was so hot and the temperature was killing me. Then hubby asked how much per bottle of water,he was shocked coz it is 3 bucks a bottle.Nah better being thirsty than spending such expensive water.

All in was amazing and lots of fun! Below are some pics of us that we had while we were there...

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