Monday, August 20, 2007

Outdoor Kitchen

Filipinas are weird.This is what American spouses think to their filipina wives because we just love stinky food stuff like shrimp paste,ginamos and most of all the ever yummy most craved dried fish. Why I am talking this its because this post is about having an outdoor kitchen which could be convenient to cook foods such as ours.

If you are planning to have one built for you, check this site out and we will see if you like what they have to offer there outdoor kitchen. I thought they only sell out door kitchen tops to cook food but it comes with beautifully painted cabinets.You can choose your prefered door styles and color, color is a new feature so you should find the one that you like best. Another thing is that they are weatherproof'
Their cabinetry is made from solid marine-grade polymer (HDPE - High Density Polyethylene). It is a completely solid material that will not warp, crack, split, or deteriorate over time.

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