Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I am just one of the many choosen bloggers to receive free stuff like slinglings for babies. I am happy to have this because it will be easier to carry my baby with me around while enjoying some activities that I would like to do. Having a baby is not a hindrance for me because I can just use it. I cannot wait to hold my own blood and flesh sometime around January16 next year... if no delays..if God permits. making slings that are fitted pouch style baby carriers and a good snug fit is important for the comfort of both the wearer and the baby. When the sling fits correctly,the lowest point of the baby's bottom should be at about the wearer's belly button level. The sling should be folded half before putting it on. The baby's bottom should be centered in the curve seam area of the sling.

To get one for you visit baby sling and select the correct size and color that you like.

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